Leaving Your Castle: A Personal Testimony of Faith, Obedience, and Purpose

Whenever I am asked what has helped build my relationship with God, amidst a few things I mention, I never fail to talk about what tops my first three lists. I built a castle before I said “I do” to my Master and Friend. Just six days into our forever relationship, He requested I must leave the castle if I really desired a future with Him. It was then not easy, but as I keep growing and look back, I am glad I obeyed. It’s a journey I would be delighted to travel with God again and again.

My Beautiful Castle

The friends I had were the castle I built. I was very good at making friends and also maintaining friendships. However, I knew nothing about the importance of communication in a relationship. I was one person who could creep into my Dad’s room for his cell phone just to check on my friends. On most occasions, he always ran out of air time when talking to anyone because I had used his phone to call all my friends. And when talking to any of my friends, I was never in a hurry. I relaxed as one who was in charge of the intercom services. So funny as I looked back.

When I traveled to a faraway country for my studies, my parents gave me a piece of advice. I still recall it now. It makes me laugh to this day. They told me to use my allowance wisely and not to spend it all on recharging my phone to call everybody. My parents stressed that I didn’t even need to call them. They would call me.

Moreover, if I needed anything, I should give them a flash, and they’d call me back immediately. I believe by now you know what I did… I kept calling everybody to check on them as my manner was. My parents appreciated that aspect of me but wanted me to curtail it.

Meanwhile, five months after I left home, I encountered Jesus Christ during a Sermon. I can never forget that day. Till date, whenever I remember my experience on the day of my Salvation, I get goosebumps. Moreover, I also feel proud about my decision that day. A day I pledged to surrender my will to the One with whom I will move, live, and have my being from henceforth.

My Path To Obedience

However, six days into this newfound love, faith, and loyalty journey, I faced a hard decision. This was to let go of my castle—those friends whom I loved so dearly. While praying, I heard the instructions from God, to be honest. I felt sad and asked, ‘Why must I leave my friends?’ But why wouldn’t I? For me, I was in love with God Almighty and was ready to do His bidding. I am still madly in love with Him even today.

Furthermore, when couples get married, at least for the first week, most would keep their phones switched off or unattended. Likewise, some would travel and lodge in a hotel for solitude. All these are just to spend quality, undistracted time alone in the arms and company of each other. They call this the Honeymoon. Permit me to say God wanted a honeymoon with me. He wanted my company. Therefore, He wanted me to be lost in His arms. He wanted me to know Him better without distractions and interference.

Then with a deep longing you will seek Me and require Me as a vital necessity and [you will] find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13 AMP

The Jealous Love Of God

Consequently, I drastically reduced my communication with all my friends. I just noticed I became too lazy to call them. Also, I would miss their calls because they called either when I was still in church, school, library, sleeping, or praying. Looking back, I don’t know if I should call it God or coincidence, but I will attribute it to God. Yes! God was in it. He was so jealous for me. He was interested in us building a relationship and was taking charge of my time and engagements.

My life got meaning and purpose when my focus was on God. This understanding was enlightened. My desire for God and truth grew. Additionally, I got a new passion, vision, and mission. My free time was now spent studying the Bible and praying. Nothing else mattered to me. When I did talk with my friends, I found myself having nothing to talk about. Basically, we no longer had anything in common. Markedly, discussions grew uninteresting and cold. After that, they became demotivated from calling me and vice versa.

Trusting God to Guide Me

As the journey progressed, with time, I began to ask God to choose people who should be in my circle. People that would help nourish His work in my life. Those who will impart in me and I in them. People who will hold my hands when I am weak. People who are purposeful and sound in principle and practice.

As my journey proceeded, God gave me men. Men whom He has used and continues to use to support me. I live my purpose today because I was and am still surrounded by the right people. My daily growth in God and life will always be linked with leaving my castle, aligning with Him, and being surrounded by the right people for my journey.

In your walk and work with God and fulfilling your purpose, He may request that you leave your castle. Abraham’s castle was the land of Haran (Genesis 12:1-7). Apostle Paul’s castle was his career (Acts 9). Isaiah’s castle was his mouth (Isaiah 6). Esther’s castle was her indifference (Esther 4). Jacob’s castle was his deception (Genesis 27). Mary Magdalene’s castle was her many demons (Luke 8:2).

I sincerely pray to God to reveal the castle you are living in, which hampers your relationship with Him. It’s the same castle that also hinders you from fulfilling your purpose.

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  1. I love this perspective. Leaving our castles behind. I also love how God guides you into intentional and purposeful relationships. Thanks for sharing your story.

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