Participants must actively engage with For Imperfect Women or Women Dream Builders by participating in our private groups, utilizing our services, or subscribing to our YouTube channel. Submitters must be at least 18 years of age to contribute.

Character Requirement

Contributors must exhibit good moral character and maintain this standard across all personal social platforms and websites.

Content and Usage Rights

All contributions must be the original work of the submitter and must reflect Christian values with biblical foundations. By submitting content, contributors agree to allow For Imperfect Women and Women Dream Builders to share their submissions on our website, social platforms, YouTube channels, and associated platforms. Contributors must understand that there is no financial remuneration for featured content.

Feature Submission Editorial Rights

By submitting your feature suggestion to our community, you acknowledge and agree to grant us the flexibility to make minor adjustments to the article to enhance readability, correct grammatical mistakes, improve the title and description, as well as edit the subheadings and image. These modifications aim to refine your submission and ensure the highest quality of content is presented to our readers. Please understand that these alterations may be made at our discretion and do not require prior consent or subsequent notification.

Acceptance of Terms

Upon submitting your request for a feature to be considered by our community, you explicitly agree to abide by our wider WDB Terms and Conditions. Your submission indicates your acceptance of these terms, and you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and consent to be bound by all the terms, conditions, and notices contained therein.

Submission Acknowledgement

By submitting your creative work to the For Imperfect Women Community Blog, you acknowledge and understand that not all submissions will be selected for a feature. Our editorial team curates content that aligns with our mission and values, and submission alone does not guarantee a feature on our blog. We appreciate the opportunity to consider your work and thank you for your interest in contributing to our community’s tapestry of stories and teachings.

Review and Notification Process

After we receive your feature submission, please allow us 3-4 weeks for the review process. If your submission has been chosen for inclusion in our community blog, you will be promptly notified through the email address that you provided with your submission. Should you not receive any communication from our Team within the 3-4 week timeframe, we thank you for your submission, but it can be assumed that it was not selected as a feature. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to continue participating and sharing your work in the future.

Artistic Integrity

Contributors must submit a personal bio and photo with their entries and may opt to include links to personal social platforms or websites. Artwork and poetry submissions should accompany a description outlining the work’s inspiration and biblical context. 

Sourcing Requirements for Written Submissions

We believe in the integrity and reliability of the content we share. Therefore, all written contributions must cite credible sources, including but not limited to blog posts, exegesis, sermons, personal reflections, Bible studies, and prayers. These sources provide a foundation for the teachings and opinions shared. They must include references to relevant Bible verses, links to other blog posts, or scholarly papers used as the basis for your arguments and narratives.

In addition to citing credible sources for all scholarly references, we ask that contributors include specific citations for all Bible verses mentioned in the submissions. Each Bible verse must be followed by the translation used in parentheses, ensuring our readers understand the perspective from which the scripture is being interpreted. For example, if you quote Romans 12:2, it should be followed by (NIV, ESV, KJV, etc.), according to the translation from which you extracted the passage. This attention to detail honors the diverse interpretations and translations of the Bible and supports the theological variety within our community.

At the end of your document, please include a “Sources” list that details all the references used in your submission. This will allow our readers to delve deeper into the topics you discuss and ensure the transparency and accountability of our content.

Video Submission Guidelines

For those who feel called to share your story through video, For Imperfect Women invites you to submit your visual testimonies. The video and audio quality must be high enough that your message is clear and easily understood. All individuals appearing in the video must be dressed modestly per our commitment to uphold Christian values. Please remember that submissions containing nudity, profanity, or vulgarity will not be accepted. When preparing your video, consider not just the message but also the visual and auditory presentation, as it is through these that your story will be told.

Acceptable Lengths for Submissions

The For Imperfect Women Community Blog values your contributions, whether written or video. To ensure consistency and to give your story the attention it deserves, we have established length requirements for all submissions:

  • Written Content: Submissions must be concise and impactful, with a maximum length of 1500 words. This allows your story to be fully expressed while maintaining the readers’ engagement.
  • Video Submissions: Videos should be no longer than 10 minutes. This duration balances detail and digestibility, allowing viewers to fully absorb your message’s weight without constraint.

By adhering to these guidelines, you help us curate a collection of testimonies that can speak to our audience’s hearts while respecting our platform’s intent and capacity.

Examples of Accepted Contributions

Our For Imperfect Women Community Blog welcomes various content forms that reflect the beauty and diversity of personal faith journeys. The following are examples (but are not limited to) of contributions we accept:

  • Original Artwork: Share your faith-inspired drawings, paintings, or digital art.
  • Poetry: Submit poems that convey your spiritual insights and experiences.
  • Music: Original compositions or vocal performances that uplift and encourage our community.
  • Blog Posts: Discuss your faith journey, life lessons, or reflections on societal issues through the lens of Christianity.
  • Short Stories: Fictional narratives or non-fiction accounts that illustrate life’s trials and triumphs underpinned by your faith.
  • Testimonies: Personal stories of transformation, hope, and God’s work.
  • Bible Studies: Detailed analysis and discussions of Biblical passages.
  • Sermons: Transcripts of your messages and teachings that resonate with Christian values.
  • Personal Journal Entries: Insights and revelations from your daily walk with God.
  • Excerpts from Books: Pieces from your Christian literature that contribute to faith building.
  • Exegesis: Critical interpretation and explanation of Biblical scripture.
  • Topical Lists of Bible Verses: Curated verses organized by themes such as love, forgiveness, or strength.
  • Journal Prompts: Questions or topics that provoke deep self-reflection and faith-based introspection.
  • Advice Columns: Wise counsel centered around Christian principles.
  • Opinion Pieces: Thoughtful discussions on religion, culture, and current events from a Christian perspective.

Whatever your chosen medium, we encourage you to share it with us as we grow together in Christ through creative expression.

Rights to Withdraw

Contributors retain the rights to their work. WDB reserves the right to remove content from our platforms at any time. If contributors wish to have their work withdrawn, they may request removal by contacting blog@forimperfectwomen.com.

Liability Disclaimer

For Imperfect Women and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss or damages that may result from a contributor’s featured work on our Community Blog.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms and Conditions or wish to discuss your contributions. 

Date of Last Update: April 3, 2024